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- find up-to-date market research RFQ's from all-over the world on regular basis!

post your Market Research RFQ on the website to find the best market research provider for your task

- get the customers' requests directly to your mailbox by setting proper alerts

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About us

This site was created by IMG Research company

  • IMG Research specializes in B2B and B2C CATI, when it’s necessary to speak with a hard-to-reach audience (senior managers, field experts, VIP audience), as well as prepares the reports in the survey results and gives the recommendations for our clients.
  • Since 2004 the IMG Research has succesfully conducted more then 550 research projects in different areas and countries
  • We are in TOP 5 national market research agencies in Ukraine due to turnover (2015)



  1. Our services are cheaper than the services of the other research companies – we reduced expenses for conducting surveys to a minimum due to the efficient work system.
  2. Specialization in B2B market – we have been working with B2B segment for more than 10 years and have our own effective methods of gathering and processing the information.
  3. High feasibility of the hard-to-reach audience – specialists of the company have a great experience of conducting surveys and work according to the questionnaires and scripts individually worked out for every client.

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